Laser Marking Solutions that Shine

Absolute Media has long experience with laser printing and we have in-house experts in this process.

Laser marking is a labeling technique that uses a laser beam to modify the surface of a substrate.

Laser marking has a huge variety of applications such as adding part numbers, "use by" dates, adding traceable information for quality control, for marking printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic components, and for printing bar codes and logos and other information on products.

As compared with mechanical marking technologies, laser marking often offers a number of advantags such as very high processing speeds, no consumables and therefore low cost per part, consistent high quality and durability.

We are ready to mark on many material types and provide precision quality on each and every item. If you have tight deadlines we can accommodate your schedule with high marking speeds and in every case we offer cost-effective and excellent solutions.

Contact us today and we will do whatever it takes to find you the right answer at the right price.